Organize responsiveness

What do companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Spotify, Twitter and Uber have in common? They are responsive organizations, built on sense and respond instead of plan and predict. These lean and mean learning machines leverage technology to power the next industrial revolution of the digital age. 

Agile organizations...

  • are driven by a purpose greater than profit, the focus is on product excellence instead of an immediate business case
  • build a strong ‘army’ of engineers and designers, because software is at the heart of everything they do
  • believe business models and customer value reveal over time by continuously hacking together products and services, testing and improving them
  • use frequent experimentation and product iterations based on realtime feedback from measuring everything
  • have a high focus on company high autonomy and high alignment, a culture of freedom and responsibility, context not control
  • hire only top talent that are able to imagine, build and test their own ideas
  • while the leadership team sets the macro long-term direction, self-organized teams are empowered to figure out how to achieve this
  • practice data-driven decision making instead of dangerous HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person Opinions)
  • are able to achieve scale without losing their start-up mentality and getting slowed down by bureaucracy
  • by leveraging DevOps, cloud and automation, they are able to continuously deliver new software into production many times per day 

Our purpose

Our purpose is to future-proof the operating model of organizations by applying agile principles and igniting change and innovation. Due to the rise of disruptive technology and the increasing pace of change, this is becoming a survival strategy for an increasingly number of companies.


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