Do we still need managers?

Below are my slides from my presentation at Scrum Day Europe.

Slides from the presentation at Scrum Day Europe, 7th of July 2016 in Amsterdam.

Text from the booklet:

Many companies have implemented Scrum and are “doing agile.” However, many companies struggle to achieve the expected benefits. The management team has implemented scrum and then expects a miracle to happen. However, often they have failed to embrace the true nature of scrum and especially forgot the part that talks about creating self-organizing autonomous teams. Agility isn’t a gem that can be bought; transforming your operating model to become future-proof is a difficult task. It’s not just a small update, it’s a major overhaul of how your organization operates. Agile is not just a framework used in the IT department; becoming truly agile requires a digital transformation of the business and other departments like HR, finance, and operations. You also have to overcome organizational impediments like anti-agile company culture, top-down leadership behaviour, counter-productive organization structure, and approval processes. Only top management can enable this shift. If we look at some the Silicon Valley-style digital first organizations, we discover that these companies still heavily rely on managers. However these managers do something completely different than the ones we find in traditional enterprises. In my presentation we’ll dive into some of the learnings from how management works in these companies.